Thursday, June 24, 2010

TW Version of Angelababy and Cecilia Cheung Announce War to HK Lang Mo

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @

While the lang mos in Hong Kong are fighting to get popularity and attention, outsiders from Taiwan are ready to join the battle. Taiwanese lang mo Sparrow Girls announced they are joining the photo album war in this year's book fair.

Said to have angelic and innocent faces, Taiwanese lang mo group Sparrow Girls is composed of Ann Wu Si Wei (吳思緯), Nikki Tzeng Wei Chi (曾韋琦), and Mina Ma Chuan Shin (馬傳芯), which all have high exposure in advertising industry. Their average age is only 22 years old. They're releasing a dreamy photo album called "Summer's Temptation," using the slogan "the most flawless youth photo album" to tell indoorsy guys to look at their change from girls to women. In fact that means every page they would show off their sexy bodies.

It's only a month away from this year's book fair. New and old lang mos aren't dare to let loose, afraid would become losers in the battle. Chrissie Chau first released a 3D DVD. Her juniors "New 8 Models" market themselves with many girls who have different styles. As for Rainbow, she led a group composed of 5 sweeties called "Donut," taking off their bikini tops and show off their back.

Sparrow Girls aren't afraid of their competitors in HK. Lately they're very popular in Taiwan advertising industry. Ann is described as Taiwanese version of Japanese fashion model Lena. She won the title "Wretch Top Ten Pretty Girls" for two years in the row. Mina is described as Taiwan version of Cecilia Cheung. Nikki is praised by advertising agencies that she is the combination of Asian stars because she looks like Vivian Hsu. Japanese agency even think Nikki is the Taiwan version of Angelababy.

Manager of Sparrow Girls disclosed they would arrived Hong Kong on July 20 and meet fans in Hong Kong the first time. They are planning to stay for 3 days to promote their photo album.

(*Kay's P.S.* TBH...after seeing MANY sexy photos of those girls, kinda getting a little o___O guys should be happy this summer XD)


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