Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sammi Cheng Doesn't Want to Change Her Current Relationship With Andy Hui

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @

Sammi Cheng accepted a radio interview lately. As for her reuniting rumor with Andy Hui has been circulating for a while. She expressed it didn't affect their friendship and won't ask his love status. Sammi said: "We won't talk about it, would respect each other. I won't go to find out, won't talk about it, don't even want to know, this is not my business. Just a popular rumor lately, definitely never happened, this would affect my other chances.

Asked her relationship with Andy now, Sammi said it's very good good friends, she said: "Undeniably, a relationship built more than 10 years ago cannot just be forgotten. From debut to now, already know him when I had nothing in the beginning. Have deeper feelings than other friends, but at this stage, don't want to change anything."

Sammi said after she got sick her view in love also changed: "Very willful in the past, magnified myself a lot, very selfish, two people getting along need to compromise with each other. If I'm in love again, I'm willing to give in more, know how to handle my temper. Asked if Andy was single, whether there's a chance of reconciling? Sammi said: "This hypothetical question is hard to answer, because right now he isn't single, I think it's better for me to answer when he is single. (Have to wait many years?) I didn't say to wait 30 years, I look around, looking to see whether there is any good person."


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