Saturday, June 26, 2010

Suki Tsui Promises Husband to Go For A Rabbit Baby, Holds Hundred Day Celebration For Daughter

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC (pictures) / Translated by: KAY @

Suki Tsui and husband Kenny Wong spent 6-digit to hold a 100 day celebration for their daughter Vianna. The event was decorated as a fantasy garden. There was a huge photo album placed at the entry and there are many naked photos of Vianna. Kenny said his daughter weights 14lbs now and is 62cm long; he thinks she looks like him. There was a pair of rabbit toys, asked whether Kenny wants to have another baby in the year of rabbit? He said happily: "Yeah! Next year is the year of rabbit, wants to go for a son, believe sister would care for her little brother." Kenny also exposed Suki is jealous of Vianna, because when he returns home, he would kiss their daughter first then Suki. So now he would kiss Suki first then Vianna, but Suki still complains when he kisses her, he would look at their daughter.

Kenny admitted he restrained his temper. Like earlier his car was hit by a car from the back, he didn't look into it more when he saw his car is alright, and is thankful daughter wasn't in the car at that time. Asked earlier he was involved in an assault case and assisted in police's investigation? he said he just assisted the investigation and isn't charged, and didn't receive a notice whether he would have to go to see the police again or not.

He also disclosed he prepared two skirts for daughter, one is given by godmother Jessie Shum, the other is a limited edition he bought from Japan. Elders gave gold and jade jewelries. Talked about funny things of his daughter, he said sometimes she moves her hands a lot, one time when he was talking to her, she actually punched him on the eye. Joked daughter inherited his personality? He said she has a pair of lobster arms.

After trying hard for 3 months, Suki successfully lost weight and returned to 99lbs. She wore a sexy low-cut dress, exposing her long career line. She said it wasn't hard during pregnancy and delivery. The family is happy to see the birth of her daughter. Husband said to have 4 children, wants to keep having cute babies at home, she said she would stop before she's 30. Said Kenny wants to have a rabbit baby? She plans to go for another kid at the end of next year. Kenny wants a son? She said there must be one out of four. Whether would ask for secret recipe of having sons? She said if her second child is a son then she won't ask.

Said Kenny is calmer after having a daughter? Suki supports Kenny and said he never have temper to family. She feels after he became a dad he is happier. Kenny exposed she is jealous of their daughter, she joked needs to balance, both have to be loved.


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