Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amit (A-Mei Chang) is the Biggest Winner in This Year's Golden Melody Awards, Grabbing 6 Awards in Total

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @

"God! It's very hard to win this award!" "AMIT is better!" As A-MIT, A-Mei Chang Hui Mei knocked out her competitors and became the biggest winner in this year's Golden Melody Awards, taking 6 out of 10 awards she was nominated. She is also the artiste to receive most awards in the Golden Melody Awards history. This is her first time not going for the usual love song route, and became the music producer and composer of this album, trying to edit old melodies of Taiwanese aborigines. Her uniqueness received acknowledgment from this year's judges.

Crowned as queen again, couldn't stop crying

Wearing a black suit exposing her boobs, Amit really did bring her many luck. After receiving "Best Song of the Year" and "Best Mandarin Female Singer" from good friends Chiang Hui and Na Yin, at the end she also received the award she wanted to most---"Best Mandarin Album." Last night she's the artiste who went onto the stage the most, specially when she won female singer award, she was crying, said emotionally: "This feels very important, winning this award, really makes me think it's right to hold on, it's right to change, it's right to love to sing." She also thanked all staff who worked on this album and family, including Ching Feng, who wrote the lyrics, and producer and manager Chen Chen Chuang: "Thank you all who are willing to listen to me saying unrestrained and imaginative things, supporting me to finish them."

Sitting under the stage for 8 years, finally

A-Mei this year really is lost in love but won in career. Although she denied and stressed she has them both, but she still won't admit she has a new boyfriend in Beijing. From the first year of her debut her record company forgot to apply "Best Newcomer" for her, and losing the competition after nominated "Best Female Singer" three years in the row, until at the 13th Golden Melody Awards she finally won her desired award. This year crowned as queen again, it's in everyone's expectation: "Clapping for 8 years under the stage, this year can finally come up to get it." She said in the celebration, she would make everyone drunk, either hugging the toilet or hugging the trash can.

In the industry for 14 years, David Tao once won "Best Newcomer," "Best Album," "Song of the Year," and 2 "Best Album Producer" awards etc, but he still missed male singer award. After nominated 7 times, he finally won this award this year. CEO of Golden Typhoon in Taiwan district took this award for David, expressing David is currently in a meeting abroad. When David knew he won, he expressed really have to thank everyone and thank Golden Typhoon keeps supporting him to make music, thank all musicians who contributed and worked hard for Chinese music, also have to thank all Chinese musicians.

The 21st Golden Melody Awards Main Winners List (click)


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