Saturday, June 26, 2010

Justin Lo Admits Having A Girlfriend, But Doesn't Dare to Make Promises

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (picture) / Translated by: KAY @

Justin Lo held an album signing yesterday and celebrated his 34th birthday (July 1) early with fans. He said after 30 he won't have any special celebration. His birthday wish isn't anything special. Asked whether wants to get married? Justin said it's a good idea, hoping can make his first step this year. It's important to cherish people you're with and things you have now. He admitted he has a girlfriend, but doesn't dare to make too many promises, afraid if he cannot fulfill them he would become a bad guy, it's practical to take action.

He also disclosed he would return to the US to visit family and friends, but girlfriend won't come along. He won't bring girlfriend to see relatives easily.


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