Saturday, July 31, 2010

Andy Hui Announces Breakup With Girlfriend Michelle

In yesterday's "Music is Live," Andy Hui suddenly disclosed he broke up with girlfriend Michelle last month. Asked whether is because of his reuniting rumors with Sammi Cheng that caused girlfriend to leave? Andy said helplessly: "It's not because of Sammi, just she and I have personality difference, really isn't because of Sammi."

Last night after the concert, reporters asked whether his girlfriend came to support him? Andy suddenly exposed they already broke up last month. He said: "I'm a human just like everyone else. I can only say she is a good girl. Unfortunately we have personality difference. Now can only look forward to the future." But asked whether he said to break up first, he said he doesn't want to talk about it. Whenever everyone asks him about girlfriend before, he doesn't know how to answer it as well. Now he can only tell everyone they broke up.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @


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