Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kate Tsui Not Ready to Invade HK Coliseum

Kate Tsui attended to an event in a mall yesterday. She played games with the audience and also fed them ice cream.

As for just finished four shows of Raymond Lam's concert, Kate frankly said she felt a little bit sad. Asked whether she hopes to hold shows in HK coliseum? She said: "I don't dare to be this greedy, still not ready. But I'm happy Raymond hold his show in HK coliseum. He cried at backstage, it was touching." (finding record company?) Company is discussing, wait for Ms. Lok to pick for me. My only wish is can still be a dance singer."

Reporters asked she just finished filming new series, that means she cannot see Joe Ma anymore, who she is rumored with? She generously expressed: "Rumors...just treated them like promotion. Every actor would have rumors, it's unavoidable. We are colleagues!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @


OMG, if Kate ever manages to hold a real concert, it just confirms that HK music has gone to shits. She can't sing and any music company that signs who is obviously stupid. I think she should stick with being a dancer..... b/c she can't act or sing.

The only thing she is good at is walking around with those duck lips making the same stupid face she always does.

LOL! but ure rite tho. nowadays in the music industry, u got money and backup, you're all good. They're not professionals and just want to cross to the other industry, "challenge" themselves, make more money, they don't have a real passion.

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