Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anthony Wong Scolds Chrissie Chau is Brainless

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Lang mo's photo albums are criticized as low class and inappropriate and are banned to promote in this year's book fair. Although Chrissie Chau and her juniors to launch words-only CopyBook, challenging HK Trade and Development Council, but still got rejected. Anthony Wong scolded lang mos are challenging bottom line of Hong Kong's morality. He even aimed at Chrissie, saying she isn't educated, no; smart but doesn't have great wisdom.

Anthony Wong attended to Chung King Fai's new book signing event yesterday. As for news of lang mo lately, he couldn't hold back and criticized. He believes lang mo's action is to challenge the whole Hong Kong, women groups, families, morals, and government: "There are some views in the society that cannot be deviated. Even prostitutes have to cover their necks when they protest on the streets, and they won't go to houses that have families and kids to protest. If they go there to protest, then it's crossing the boundary." Although related parties already banned lang mos promoting in book fair, and the problem seems to be solved, but Anthony believes it's an intentional problem, because they overestimated their intelligence.

Talked about Cathy Tsui look-a-like Debby posted a film of her shirt being ripped off online? Anthony said: "I didn't watch it, but I know about it. She is smart, shapes herself as a victim, her action is cunning, but she crossed the boundary." Whether he doesn't support lang mo, think they have a problem? He said: "Every occupation would be respected, but don't challenge. If the book fair turned out like that, I won't even go."

At night he criticized again in another event. This time he aimed at Chrissie Chu. He said if lang mo needs to appeal, they can ask Zi Teng (an organization that cares about sex workers) for help. There is a difference in civilization, high, low, and refined. Chrissie Chau has many ideas, but the stupidest thing is she challenges for the want of challenging. In the end it angered many people. Anthony used an example of customers aren't allowed to bring alcohol to coffee shops, but someone poured alcohol into water bottle, and walked in with it, trying to challenge, is it very smart? A smarty but doesn't have great wisdom, it's just like that when you aren't too educated.

Yesterday A.Lin and DaDa and 6 members of the New 8 Models attended to an event. As for Anthony's saying, A.Lin said first they're prostitutes and don't attack them. DaDa said they didn't challenge moral values, just some youthful photo albums. A.Lin said: "Now every veteran is criticizing us. Old models are criticizing us, too, I don't want to be a lang mo!" DaDa added: "So once a lang mo, I can't release books, taking away all of our opportunities?" Talked about they're banned to promote in book fair, they said there are elements of racism and would talk to their company, thinking about going to Equal Opportunities Commission to complain.


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