Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bernice Liu Gives Golden Phrase to Charmaine Sheh, Shows 'Victorious Smile'

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan are always seen as a pair. But a year ago it was rumored they broke up! It was until earlier when Moses and Charmaine Sheh filmed "Can't Buy My Love" together, it was said Moses won Charmaine's heart with coffee, the two sparked real love in real life, making a love quadrangle with Bernice and Charmaine's other rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng. Bernice once even jealously blessed Moses and Charmaine to be together.

However, lately Bernice and Moses attended to functions as a pair, so it's said she successfully won her boyfriend back. Became a big loser, Charmaine went to work in Mainland and tries to recover at the same time.

Hints the relationship never changed

Yesterday wearing a lace v-neck dress, Bernice showed her victorious smile. She even talked about rumored boyfriend Moses generously, and hinted her relationship with him never changed. When asked it's rumored she gained back Moses from Charmaine's hands? She said: "Regain boyfriend? Of course there is nothing like that! I and Ah Mo (Moses Chan) are always good...friends. Before I wasn't in Hong Kong, so everyone thought I was ignored. In fact we would see each other and drink coffee." It's said the two are pretty sweet? She said: "Always have a good relationship."

Talked about Charmaine, she said she and Charmaine are colleagues, but never work together before. She doesn't believe it's as magazines reported that Charmaine has to leave to recover. Even when they see each other they won't feel embarrassed. Reporters joked this time she successfully fought her love rival and became a big winner? She replied in an attitude that she's never afraid: "I don't know how to fight love rival, only know one phrase, 'yours is yours, not yours then it isn't!' In future I would continue to work hard."


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