Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ming Dao Has Been Thirsty For 3 Years, Peeks at Cheryl Yang's Boobs

Ming Dao exposed he has been single for 3 years. He doesn't care Cheryl Yang and her rumored-boyfriend Harry Chang, even when Cheryl's skin was covered up, Ming Dao still peeked at her boobs, seems like he is very thirsty.

In TTV/SETTV's 「鍾無艷」 ("Zhong Wu Yen"), every character has his/her flaw. Ming Dao self-reflected he is too emotional, and it's inheridital: his mom is just like that. He said because of that he gave love, even when he goes out to eat he is afraid he might be photographed, so he must be careful when picking his date, he said: "Must have a heart of must-die, I also want to have dinner with Cheryl, but afraid might get photographed." Ming Dao can only focus in working out, but he doesn't like to have visible muscles, and isn't dared to offend other male artistes.

In addition, Wu Kangren's rumored girlfriend Alice Tzeng is photographed dating with other people. Yesterday he said: "I only talk to her on the phone, plus going to see a movie is very normal. In this world, there are just boys and girls, she can't just only watch it with girls!"

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


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