Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Female Fan Gives Marriage Certificate, Nick Chou is Surprised

Nick Chou Tang Hou's birthday is on August 2, but a crazy female fan already gave him a "surprising" gift. In early morning, she went to his house, rang the door bell, and gave him a marriage certificate along with a letter: "The day of your birthday, I would wait for you in the household registration office!" It surprised Nick and he had called everyone to be rational.

Other fans spent their money in buying designer brand wallet, sunglasses, and iPad, etc. He already received five iPhones. Estimated value of gift is about 500,000NTD. He hopes everyone don't waste their money and it would be more meaningful to donate money to charity units. As for what rumored-girlfriend Elva Hsiao will give him? Manager said: "Recently the two are very busy, would find other times to invite him to dinner."

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @


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