Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Japanese Artist Itokutora Copies Dance Moves, Cyndi Wang Not A Copycat Anymore



Cyndi Wang has been said copying Jolin Tsai, Ayumi Hamasaki, Rainie Yang in the past. Netizens even titled her copycat. Recently she finally redeemed herself. The MV that made her popular 6 years ago "Love You" is inspired by Japanese manga industry popular artist Itokutora (いとくとら). Her dance and outfit (mini skirt and long socks) is similar to Cyndi's look in the past. As for this, Cyndi said: "Finally can prove Taiwan is also creative. If it's something good, others would follow."

Although Itokutora's dance isn't directly copying Cyndi's song, but hand gestures, moves are very similar to Cyndi's in "Love You." After watching Itokutora's performance, Cyndi said: "Very interesting. I'm happy that my work is acknowledged by everyone.

After washing her copycat image, recently Cyndi held a "Heart to Heart" dance competition in Japan. Because her "Momo Love" is airing in Osaka, she gained some indoorsy male and female fans. She plans to meet fans in Japan next year in Janurary. Many Japanese companies are asking her to release a single, and Cyndi's management company is currently deciding, hoping she can develop in different areas.

Source: Apple News / Translated by: KAY @ 


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