Friday, July 30, 2010

Gigi Lai Returns Home, Misses Younger Daughter Who Stays In the Hospital

Gigi Lai gave birth to twin girls for husband Patrick Ma last Saturday. After resting for a week in Canossa Hospital, she left yesterday afternoon at 3:10PM. With the protection of two female nurses, TVB high executive Virginia Lok, ten security guards, and three female friends, the happy faced Gigi accepted media's interview. But husband and two daughters are missing and the media couldn't take a picture of their four-people family.

Yesterday Ma's security expressed to the media at 12PM, who had been waiting outside the hospital, that Mrs. Ma would leave the hospital soon. They set up fences later and reporters were in a state of tension. Until 2:55PM, only TVB high executive Virginia Lok showed up, and she was obviously here to pick Gigi up.

Expresses a happy smile

Ten minutes after Lok went into the building, Gigi finally showed up. She wore a white long dress and flip flop, and walked towards the media along with two female nurses. Although she hasn't retrieved her usual figure, but she still seemed to be in high spirit. She often expressed a happy smile and greeted the media.

Husband stays at home to take care of older daughter

Gigi accepted media's interview by herself; husband and twin daughters didn't accompany, but more than ten people were standing behind her. Gigi said: "Older daughter is already home. Younger one needs to stay at the hospital for a while. Husband is taking care of baby at home right now."

Whether she has to go to two places often to take care of daughter? "Depend on my status. If I can, I would return to the hospital to visit younger daughter, because I really miss her." Named them already? "Not at this moment, would let husband be responsible of everything." Whether would go for a son? "Haven't thought of that. Thank you all for you concern." Has brother Lai Ying visited twin girls yet? "Not yet. Thank you everyone, been waiting outside the hospital these several days, hard work, I'm sorry."

Would leave the hospital once she is 5lbs

Gigi disclosed she did breastfeed and it's more important to look at her health. She got on the car after finishing a short five-minute interview. She left with the protection of security guards and went home directly.

According to Patrick Ma, their older daughter weighs 6lbs-ish and young daughter weighs 3lbs-ish. Now younger daughter still needs to sleep in the oxygen tank and can go home when she weighs 5lbs.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @


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