Friday, July 30, 2010

Raymond Wong Denies Relying On His Wife For Support

Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Lily Ho, Kayi Cheung were rehearsing for the 2010 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Kevin was asked if the MHK has a lot of gossips? He said: "It's like this every year. If they live in public housing, old boyfriends, the media will talk about it. Everyone has a background, that is nothing strange. It's getting more and more pressuring for the MHKs. But if they can face these things, then in the future they can do it too when they start working. Asked if he has contacted his Si Mo Dai Si Chung's wife? Kevin said: "After the announcement I haven't contacted them. I feel that not attending is the best decision, I don't want to cause troubles for the family. Doesn't have to be now, I can pay my respects later."

Raymond Wong frankly said that this is his first time as a guest performer for Miss Hong Kong. About his wife's wealthy background, he expressed that he will not count on his wife: "If I am relying on her, then I wouldn't be suffered for so long. I haven't slept for two days! We are all financially independent. (Do you give her money for expenses?) Of course! You really think I'm being a young master?"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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