Friday, July 30, 2010

Wong Cho Lam Harmonic Gags At His Show Off Show

Last night, Wong Cho Lam opened the first night for his EEG and TVB organized at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai. Mani Fok, Ng Yue, Virgina Lok, Chapman To, Kristal Tin, Alvina Kong and Queenie Chu all went to support him.

Cho Lam started off the show with a hot song and dance, then he and two female audience played a game and gave them lovable hugs too. He also made some bad gags: "I was pretending to be a 'Streptococcus bacteria', scaring the little child so much he screamed for his mommy!" Cho Lam then did not forget to love his girlfriend, he said: "After watching the cartoon , I really wanted to date, my girlfriend is just as sweet and gentle as Ms. Kyoko!"

Cho Lam's guest Joyce Cheng was disguised as Kate Tsui. Joyce and Cho Lam did a hot, sexy and chest-to-chest dance. Cho Lam feared the chest and covered his eyes! Joyce then did the splits and won applause from the audience. Adam Cheng was also present at the show to support his daughter.

Before ending the show, Cho Lam disguised himself as "Handelababy" and said that the role changed his life: "Before people said that my legs were short, thin, shrunk, but now they changed to praise them as awesome, hot! I want to say that my family genetics have no leg hair, so don't me if I shaved it. This time I almost fell into a depression for doing this show, I went online and found a song by Charlie. It was very inspirational to me." After that, he changed himself into a clown and said goodbye.

Queenie who went to support Cho Lam showed off her diamond ring designed by her boyfriend, she said: "It says 'CHANG' on it, which is my boyfriend's surname. (Getting married?) Both sides of the family wants to, my boyfriend also proposed to me several times, but we have not decided where to live after marriage." 

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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