Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hong Kong Book Fair 2010: Sexy Photos and Lang Mo

Hong Kong book fair kicked off yesterday (HK time) and half of the news on the newspaper are about the event---or simply, it's about hot photo books and lang mo (young model, in her 20s or younger). Pictures speak better than words, check these out:

*Not all of the following are lang mo. This article just feature some photos from photo books releasing this year at the book fair*

She said it's going to be her last photo book? Anyways it features her innocent looks, youth and art (maybe).

Chrissie Chau 
3D photo book, continue to show off her 34D..

Jessica C
Her photo book sells....her 34C boobs. Pictures are those sizzling ones. The boxing one looks *ugh*

Theresa Fu
Photographed by a Japanese photographer, known for photographing sexual stuff, in Theresa's photo book, you're gonna see the grown side of her....age and experience-wise.

Carol Yeung Zee Yiu
Her photo book is titled "Huge," Huge...boobs...that's what this HKBU E-Goddess (E-cup goddess) is selling. The nude photo below, ofc it's photoshopped to remove the fabric.

Yumi Wan 
Cosplay + SM + violence.... hm

Christine Yeung Ding Ding
I really don't know who she is....Angelababy and Linn Xiong's junior, a model, that's all

Carrie Lam
Kay's top favorite...because it really is artsy sexy, not just selling boobs, which is degrading, it's art.

Sherman Chung
Cool style, and don't underestimate her "career line"

Conclusion: There are more of course! But too much to post XD


Chrissie Chau "Chrissie Les Vacances d'Amour" - 25,000 copies

Angelababy "Paradise" - 20,000 copies

Yumi Wan "Yumi. form" - 20,000 copies

New 8 Models "Girls Look book Volume 2" - 14,800 copies

Carrie Lam "Carrie Me" - 10,000 copies

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