Sunday, July 25, 2010

Leon Lai's New Favorite JW Finally Make Her Appearance

Leon Lai's new favorite, 19-year-old JW (Joey Wong) has been promoting herself using the method of "show voice but not appearance." Last night JW finally unveiled this mystery and held a mini concert and her appearance was finally exposed. JW stood on the stage and sang the whole time. Her height couldn't been seen, she even didn't speak more than a sentence and continue to be mysterious.

JW held two shows of "JW Missing A Good Friend Concert" (掛念好友) last night. People from her record company A-Music attended to the event. Gaile Lai and Janice Man showed their support, holding fluorescent sticks during the show. Boss Leon Lai was one of the hosts along with A-Music GM Cheung Kar Fung. The two sat on the stage the whole night to enjoy JW's performance and only talked between every song. Leon joked JW's "W" has the most vowels in the alphabet. He said: "A is A, B is B, C is C, everyone marked them down." He also led the audience to countdown, welcoming JW.

Wearing a purple top, JW made her first appearance ever, standing inside a "huge skirt" and sang "Missing Good Friend." Maybe she was a little nervous, she once missed the tempo, but she got more confident later. A-Music continues to play mystery that they arranged JW to stand in the same position to perform the whole night.

Although there were two huge screens on the sides of the stage, but they only played clips of when JW was filming MV in Los Angeles earlier and when she was filming album cover. They didn't play scenes of actual performance and they didn't arrange media interviews. Reporters could only look at JW's face from far away. Leon said: "This is just the stage design, reporters, please don't mistaken that we are even trying to hide her height." Later when reporters followed JW until she got off the car, the height mystery was finally solved---she belongs to the petite small type.

Leon always have comments about the showbiz. He pointed out it's not a problem to have many singers in Hong Kong and said: "Hong Kong is small, but financial system is stable. But music in Hong Kong is degenerating. Everyone should make more good music and gossip less. Don't make reporters ask you whether you're a virgin, and if you don't answer you would offend them. If you answered, the next day they would write about those news again, not music-related."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @


well, good luck to leon lai, how is this typical stereotype chinese face with a typical voice looks or sounds american? What do they know about american culture btw when they are not even from there or in the hood? Honestly, Dont act like you are when you are not. Its time to face the truth. The last superstar from HK I could barely remember was Faye Wong. HK record labels dont wanna pay a dime for music, not to mention if they have the source to get better musicians and top notch producers. Its off track. What they are doing in the music scene is a shame.

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