Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sonjia Kwok's Loyal Fans Flies Over to Hengdian to Celebrate Her Birthday

Recently, Sonjia Kwok has been busy filming a costume drama in Hengdian and even had to spend her birthday at work. Fortunately a group of her loyal fans flew over to her location to visit the set and also celebrate with her. They cut the birthday cake with her and gave gifts, Sonjia was very happy, no wonder she expressed: "More than 10 fans especially flew over here. Besides Hong Kong, there are also fans from Taiwan and even Canada, I'm so touched! Actually there's not much to buy in Hengdian, but they are so smart, found a small cake to buy and celebrate with me."

As the local temperatures there reached 40 degrees C, Sonjia had to wear thick costumes for outdoor filming, fortunately she did not get a heatstroke. She said: "All thanks to the attentive fans, they gave me an ice pillow to pull on my neck, feels so comfortable. They also gave me a teddy bear, a cute doll that looks like me, fresh flowers and cake! So happy!"

Sonjia rarely has rumors in the last year, but she's still single. She said that she's not in a rush to date: "My family hasn't rushed me to marry because my older brother got married earlier. I do envy him, but there has to be fate when finding a boyfriend. As a person grows older, it's not as easy to have feelings towards someone. My birthday wish is good health. Although it's old-fashioned, but health is really important. Earlier my dad had some health issues, stomach bleeding, luckily he's ok now." As for ex-rumored boyfriend Michael Tao recently having a new love interest, she said: "No comment, it's none of my business!"

Outside of work, Sonjia went to Japan for a vacation with some friends earlier and even got to try driving a small airplane to challenge herself. She said: "This is one of my greatest wishes. Before I drove, the instructor was explaining to me for 50 minutes. Actually it's not too difficult, I even flew with my mom and brother. Although they said that it was a very stabled ride, I was still really scared, haha!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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