Thursday, July 29, 2010

Joe Chen and Huang Xiao Ming Kiss After Meeting Just 3 Hours

Joe Chen Qiao En is filming movie <<激浪青春>> in Beijing lately. Yesterday it was her first time filming with Huang Xiao Ming. She didn't have enough time to feel the "electric power" from Huang the "electrical generator", and was already notified that they had to film a kissing scene on the boat. But the two didn't know each other too well and only dared to have a light kiss. Their performance was very choppy. Later she asked Huang: "You ever have the experience of kissing a girl who you just met for three hours?" Huang purposely teased her: "Not yet this week." Joe was surprised and her eyes were wide open. Then Huang joked: "I kissed my female dog last week."

Earlier Joe was filming under 40 degrees Celsius weather. She also drank less water and caused her to rush to the emergency room with kidney stones. After resting several days, she returned to the crew and continued filming. The crew also prepared a personal trailer for her to have enough time to rest during break. Later she found out that this is the treatment only for Chow Yun Fat and Ton Leung Chiu Wai when they film in Beijing, making her to say she is very happy.

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @


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