Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stephy and Alex's Wedding Date Delays, to Film In Mainland For 3 Months

Stephy Tang attended to an award ceremony event as guest yesterday. Next month going to work in Kunming for three months, she said: "I would play a couple with Alex Fong again. Although we are an old pair, but it's our first time filming TV series, so we're nervous."

Earlier it was rumored Stephy and Alex are getting married in October, asked whether they would take this opportunity to shoot wedding photos in Kunming? Stephy joked: "Now we have to film series, can't get married. Not even on my birthday." Asked delay to when? Stephy said: "Ten, eight years, I don't know." She expressed she sees this opportunity as developing a career in Mainland, so it's not because of Alex that she accepted this job. It's said she earns money while dating? Stephy laughed and said: "How should I answer? Should said this time it's good to everyone, very happy."

Don't plan to live in the same room

Stephy expressed the series has an early republic background, so intimate scenes won't be too extreme. Asked whether she's afraid would be photographed holding hands with Alex in private? She joked: "No, but Kunming is very hot, everyone (media) don't work too hard." She sees herself as very independent and didn't plan to live with Alex in the same room: "It's okay to stay in the same hotel. If I shout, he can hear it."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @


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