Monday, July 19, 2010

Xiao Xiao Bin Goes to School, Plays Cool to Attract Girls

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @

Five-years-old Xiao Xiao Bin is finally going to school. He won't film any drama at this moment. Father Xiao Bin Bin plans to make younger son Mini Bin as Xiao Xiao Bin's successor. Although Mini Bin is also going to school, but his schedule isn't as full as his older brother. Xiao Bin Bin just worries Mini Bin only knows how to play autistic children from "Qing Mei Zu Ma"; he is afraid Mini Bin can't change his way of acting.

Xiao Bin Bin also praised Mini Bin is considerate than Xiao Xiao Bin. He would tuck his dad in and would speak for Xiao Xiao Bin even when he is being yelled at. Xiao Xiao Bin went to school yesterday. He would host shows in the weekends and film movies during winter break. He is popular among girls in school. He even played cool by tumbling. Asked whether he would miss his girlfriend when he is at school? He answered: "Probably not." He doesn't admit Nana and Vivian etc as his girlfriend.

Xiao Xiao Bin went to kindergarten before, but was treated as pet by other classmates. He had a bad experience but finally overcame of it yesterday. He even has an English name "Benny." His father and uncle are worried whether he would miss home on the first day of school. But it seems they worried too much. Asked whether he would miss his dad? Xiao Xiao Bin shaked his head: "No."


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