Monday, July 19, 2010

Bobby Au-Yeung Celebrates High Ratings, Is Ready to Run Nude

Bobby Au-Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, and Leilia Tong etc gathered in a restaurant last night to hold a celebration dinner for new series "A Pillowcase of Mystery 2." Highest rating for this series peak 36 points, breaking the record of highest rating in first episode among other series in 2010. Once said he would run nude if ratings reach 50 points, Bobby joked: "Producer already prepared a muscle suit for me, plus underwear, run by holding an award! [hold and nude are homophones in Cantonese]" Asked  whether he expects to have good ratings? He said now it's not as good as expected, but it's satisfied!" Reporters joked he keeps his title as "lucky general," he said: "Thank god! (Whether he hopes to win TV King?) Never thought of it, plus no one is competing with me. (Wants to film a third installment?) Good, I'm the king of sequel anyways."  Jessica expressed she never thought series from two years ago would have good ratings. When she was filming this series before, it was during summer. She once worried it would be hard and didn't want to film it. In the end Bobby personally called her to invite her to film and she finally agreed.

In addition, Jessica accepted Cha Siu Yan's interview yesterday. Talked about her South African boyfriend watched her series, but he can't understand and needs her to explain. Whether they plan to get married? She said: "Thought of it, but won't take action right now. Wait until we're both done with our work. Maybe we would do it in extempore!"

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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