Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bosco Wong Admits Defeat in Fighting Over Girls With Raymond Lam

Playing a villain this time in new series "Growing Through Life," Bosco Wong expressed he would harm Raymond Lam's family and fight over girls with Raymond Lam. He joked in reality he never fought for girls: "If my enemy is Raymond Lam, I would definitely turn around and leave! He has a rich family and is handsome. Unless that girl likes flirtatious type, then she would pick me." Last year when he filmed this series with Toby Leung, it was rumored the two fell in love and Bosco had to fix his relationship with Myolie Wu by going on a trip in Okinawa. Asked whether rumoring with Toby again would anger Myolie, Bosco joked: "Rumors are just promotions! Just for a laugh."

Toby makes soup and benefits everyone

There wasn't embarrassment between Bosco and Toby during the promotion and group pictures. He said: "There is always rumor filming every series. Next time there might be rumor saying we don't get along." Toby exposed during filming that she always make soup for everyone, especially for Raymond, who was preparing his concert at that time. She said: "How come no rumor with Raymond Lam?"

Having less rumors, Raymond seemed to be helpless to Bosco admitting defeat when they were to fight for girl: "No way, I rarely leave the house! Actually we are different types. Bosco is flirtatious, like a coquette. (Ever fight girls with anyone?) No. (Whether you don't need to?) I want to pick the one and only."

In addition, it was rumored Cecilia Yip and Damian Lau didn't get along. The two didn't seem embarrassed meeting each other in yesterday's event. Cecilia praised Damian took good care of everyone like a big brother. But her personality is rebellious and doesn't like to be cared. Sometimes her blackface can cause misunderstanding. Yesterday the two met again and had a feeling of 'absence sharpens love.'

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