Sunday, August 8, 2010

Female Fans Fight to Marry Him Law

Him Law has a muscular body and female fans praised greatly of it and his handsomeness; some people online even said they want to marry him and male fans want to ask him for tips to get muscular. With his popularity soaring, Him is invited to endorse an enzyme product. Facing enthusiastic fans, Him said he is very happy to have that many fans supporting him. He hopes for an opportunity to share some tips with fans and let everyone get healthier.

Thinks body isn't fit enough

Yesterday afternoon Him and Elizabeth Kwong attended to a summer party event. He once again exposed his muscular upper body. Elizabeth also appeared in a bikini top but she wasn't as popular as Him. Him felt his body isn't fit enough and needs more hardwork.

Source: Mingpao; Oriental Daily (pictures) / Translation: KAY @ 


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