Sunday, August 8, 2010

Charlene Choi Can't Push Up Her Chest

Twins won "Metro's Mandarin National Most Popular Group" after members reunited together, but Gillian Chung missed the award ceremony due to filming. Partner Charlene Choi frankly said it was too bad but was still very happy for Twins winning this award.

Ah Sa said: "In fact, Twins has been planning to release an album, but each of us would release our own album as well." Asked whether she would be too busy working and has no time to date? Ah Sa went silent on this topic. Asked whether she wouldn't admit even when she was photographed? Ah Sa said: "No matter what, I won't open up my romantic relationship again." Ah Sa wore Blumarine's fall/winter short skirt to the event and was the sexiest dressed female singer. She joked: "I already used push up bra, but still not spectacular enough!"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ 


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