Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fahrenheit Feels 'Too Hot,' Charms Fans With Muscle

Hasn't released a Chinese album for more than a year, Fahrenheit is finally releasing new album "Super Hot" (太熱) in September. Preorder of this album starts September 1. Because Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Aaron Yan have their own work to do, they can only get together at night to record new songs, they joked: "Seems like we became evening school classmates."

In order to fit the "too hot" theme, Fahrenheit members showed their skin and they wore outfits with less fabric. Jiro and Aaron wore vests with holes, but was teased by Calvin: "They're just wearing fisherman's net."

They also started to exercise in order to keep a fit body. Calvin stopped eating at late night and continues to do sit-ups and push-ups; Jiro goes to the gym plus swim to enhance abs; already muscular enough, Wu Zun stresses on his skin tone and went tanning; as for Aaron, he runs 30 minutes every day and plus lifting weights, he said: "Fortunately since last year's concert, I started to have a habit of working out. You can't have satisfying body in a short amount of time."

Source: Liberty Times; UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Super Hot MV!!!!! (HOTT!!!)


yes!!!! finally i've been waiting for this day since forever!!!!! yaY!!!!

watch the MV girls!!! they're pretty hotttttttt in it XD

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