Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jolin Tsai Reveal Even More of Herself in 'Love's Pupil' MV

It’s been only a week since “Honey Trap” was released, but Jolin Tsai already has a new music video in the works. She will promote “Love’s Pupil (玩愛之徒)” as the next single from her album Myself, which is set for release on August 10th. Although Jolin is famous for her body, it is probably the first time she has shown this much of it. The new video features her in a bathtub, as well as a very revealing body suit that is sure to make everyone envy!

The song "Love's Pupil" is about men who cheat, while its music video will depict a man revolving between two women. The character played by Jolin was left heat broken, but instead of hiding herself somewhere to cry, she recovered by dancing her pain away. In addition to dance therapy, she also soaked herself in a bathtub to release her emotions. Jolin was reluctant at first to film the bathing scene after a difficult photo shoot in a pool for her album, but luckily her staff was able to convinced her in the end.

“Love’s Pupil” was initially rejected by Jolin's record company in fear that her fans might not accept its style. She insisted on including the song on her album and it went on to be selected as the second single. She said, “Actually, I’ve been wanting to do a different kind of love song, not a ballad anymore, but rather a slow-temple song with a rhythm. I thought about it for many years, so I was excited after hearing the demo for this song. It’s a good thing that my company supports me, so (I) got to try out a new style of music.”

Source: Mingpaonews, Nownews, UDN / Translation: PA @ cpopaccess


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