Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sammi Cheng: Thought of Reuniting, But It Never Happened!

Yesterday morning, Sammi Cheng posted an article on Weibo and Facebook called <<僅餘的一小片天空>>, disclosing her 20-years relationship with Andy Hui. Being blamed as the "third wheel," Sammi stressed again seriously: "Once again, from the beginning to the end, never get back to each other again (others say "reuniting"). Broke up 10 or 8 years, within these days, if you ask me, have I ever thought of reuniting with Andy, I would say frankly: 'I have.' Indeed, I have. But in the end did it happened? No, never."

Each other's "guardian"

Sammi said these years after they broke up, they stay in the position as friends and they are each other's 'guardian': "Is there love in it? Of course. I knew this person since I was 16. We've become each other's guardian....up to today, love becomes friendship, I cherish it very much."

As for outsiders said they got back to each other, Sammi frankly said it's not easy: "Been separated for this many years, we both experienced many things. Perhaps time changed us a lot, too. He and I aren't ourselves 20 years ago. If were to get back together, can't be done relying on that person in your memory...over these years, the times I met Andy are at most a little more than 10. Basically many of my habits and likes, even thoughts, have changed. I guess, what I like now, what he hates now, all have to re-confirm." She said outsiders over-dramatized their reconciliation.

As for Andy and Michelle broke up, as Andy's ex, Sammi said: "I have no right to speak. However, I can't avoid being the person to blame. If you ask me, do I feel bad? Of course, but can I stay out of it and play an outsider? I know I cannot. I can only let this thing fades away slowly."

New romance under the shadow

Sammi didn't avoid bring up Michelle and she spoke good things for her: "We only met once...don't know each other well. But based on impression, she has a lively and optimistic personality. Because my relationship with Andy is permeated through the people, making her relationship with Andy is under my shadow. If I were her, I would feel bad."

Sammi stressed four times in the roll that they didn't reunite, and said: "Never reunite, never get married. Separated this many years. From friends back to a couple again, it's not that easy like outsiders think...Andy's broke-up, Sammi Cheng seems responsible under the newspaper reports. Never reunited, I feel I can't breathe."

Sammi even used the song "Don't Disturb Love": "Some relationships, I really cannot disturb, and don't dared to. Even if I live alone, I might feel lonely once in a while, but got used to loneliness. I won't step into some situations just because I'm lonely." She even put down her status as the 'queen' and begged: "Is it okay? Is it okay to let me go temporarily? Let go of Andy, let go of Michelle?"

Sammi stressed her and Andy's personalities changed since they broke up; it would be hard to get back together. But in the end Sammi p.s.: "P.S. God, but please don't let me wait too long, okay?" She disclosed her desire to be in love. She let Jesus to arrange for everything.

Andy Hui: good article

As for Sammi's thousand-words article, Andy said in an interview: "I know the content from friends. I know it's what she wants to express. It's good writing. Based on the Sammi I know, she wrote this piece with true feelings. Already not happy blamed by magazines, won't reply to everything else."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @


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