Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bernice Liu Kisses Kevin Cheng, Feels Like A Fruit Basket

Bernice Liu and Kevin Cheng filmed a kissing scene lately from new series "Home Troopers." The plot was about Kevin expressed his love to Bernice and kissed her first; in the end they started to kiss passionately.

This time was their first time kissing each other. Because she had to adjust the angle, Bernice kissed four times, but she said she didn't feel embarrassed: "I don't know about him. (Any feelings?) Treat him like my senior, haha! He is a lot older, don't know what type of girls he likes. (Kissable?) It was ok! But there is only one kissing scene in this series, not like my last time with Kenneth Ma." Before they kiss, Bernice prepared lemon flavored chewing gum. But he already prepared his own strawberry flavored: "In the end when we kissed, these two flavors mixed together, like a fruit basket."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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