Sunday, August 1, 2010

Joyce Cheng Wants Her Body to Be Like Kate Tsui's

Joyce Cheng and Kate Tsui attended to a dance competition in Barbie outfits. Joyce straightened up her chest to perform Barbie Dance. She reminisced when she was little, she collected more than ten Barbie dolls and often changed outfits and hair style, and washed clothes for them. Her most memorable moment is receiving a big box of Barbie Dream House as birthday gift.

Earlier Joyce impersonated Kate Tsui in "Fun With Liza and Gods." She said: "Many friends said my impersonation is more 'Kate Tsui' than the real one. Although I don't understand what they mean, but it's a good thing." Asked whether she wants to lose weight until Kate's thin figure? Joyce expressed if she dance three times a day (morning, afternoon, night), after half of a year she can definitely have a body like Kate's, but she doesn't have the perseverance.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @


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