Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yahoo Poll: Idol Drama Queen In Your Heart is...?

After almost a week voting, Ariel Lin and Joe Chen Qiao En are fighting for number 1 in this poll! They're pretty close so far (afternoon of 8/1, poll ending 8/2), about 500 votes apart. Come to vote and support your favorite idol drama queen! Link

Name list on the poll (just in case you can't read their Chinese names):

Cheryl Yang
Da S (Barbie Hsu)
Ady An
Cyndi Wang
Ariel Lin
Joe Chen Qiao En
Angela Chang
Esther Liu
Joanne Zeng
Ye Tian Yu (IDK why this one is here, it's just a character Qiao En played in 'The Prince Who Turns into a Frog')
Genie Zhuo

[I voted Qiao En...]


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