Sunday, August 1, 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010 Winners

 Winner: #13 Toby Chan 陳庭欣 

First Runner-up: #15 Sammi Cheung 張秀文  

 Second Runner-up: #5 Lisa Ch'ng 莊思明

Miss Photogenic: #9 Crystal Li 李雪瑩

 Miss International Goodwill: #13 Toby Chan 陳庭欣    

 Miss Trendy Vision: #12 Ria Tong 湯寶珍 
Tourism Ambassador Award: #13 Toby Chan 陳庭欣
Best Jewelry Display Contestant: #5 Lisa Ch'ng 莊思明
Most Popular Contestant (performance): #14 Kitty Li 李俍嬿
Audience Favorable Contestant: #2 Suyen Cheung 張莉莎

(*Kay's P.S.*: My predictions are right again XD Many people are attacking TVB now, saying the winners are ugly ones..esp Lisa Ch'ng) 

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havent watched it yet, but what a surprise! what happened to the "favourites" #8 and #11... the winner is ok, her eyes r pretty~

i havent watched it yet either XD #11 was out of the top 8, she looks ok but wow her accent is bad, i think that's why, i like #13, she's those classic beauty, her voice sounds nice as well, very lady, Lisa Ch'ng...i saw netizen wrote on TVB telling her to go compete for Mr. HK LOL. #8...i think she's too short, 5'3 only.

If there was a biggest improvement award...

is that miss photogenic? lol make up.......

oh dear, this is a beauty pageant right?
Where's the beauty?!?!?!

this is not beauty!! judges must be blind!!! yuck getting worse every year!!

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