Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lisa Ch'ng Denies Not Competing in Miss International Because of Poor Quality

Jacqueline Ch'ng sister Lisa Ch'ng was crowned Miss HK second runner-up earlier. Recently there are reports pointing because Miss HK is poor quality and CNNGo even said the contest is a porkchop pageant, TVB didn't choose second runner-up winner [Lisa] as usual to participate in Miss International Pageant in October. Instead, TVB replaced Lisa with this year's Miss Photogenic Crystal Li.

After Lisa read this report, she calmly wrote on Weibo explaining she can't compete because she has a Malaysian passport: "If I'm representing HK, I need a HKSAR passport! You can't have dual citizenship in Malaysia so I can't apply for a HKSAR passport. That's why I can't compete! Hope everyone don't think too much." TVB's external affairs assistant director Tseng Sing Ming stressed it's because Lisa doesn't have a HKSAR passport, which didn't meet the organization's requirement. As for readers expressed Rabee Yeung is a Canadian citizen and she can still represent HK to participate in Miss World, Tseng explained Miss World and Miss Universe don't have a limit in nationality, but Miss International has stricter rules.

In addition, once replaced the laziest Miss HK winner Edelweiss Cheung to compete Miss International, Sire Ma supports her junior: "In fact, the top 3 is a group who share Miss HK jobs. Company would divide jobs based on the job content. The problem for Lisa is her passport. (It's said she's not pretty that's why she's not allowed to compete?) I interacted with her. She is generous and comfortable to be with. Although not a common beauty, but she has something unique about herself, absolutely deserved winning her title."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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