Sunday, August 22, 2010

Raymond Lam Wants to Meet His Look-alike Hawick Lau

Raymond Lam is always said having plastic surgery. Recently a Raymond look-alike appeared and it's Hawick Lau, who went to Mainland to develop his career these years. It's said after he made changes on his face, he and Raymond are just like real brothers. Raymond attended to a music award ceremony in Fushan recently. As for Hawick might have get plastic surgery and resembles him, Raymond laughed and said he thinks the rumor is funny. He was the one who said having plastic surgery, and now even rumored other artistes follow him. Asked whether he is interested in seeing his look-alike younger brother? Raymond cleared up saying he is 30 and Hawick is 35. But because they look alike, so he is interested in meeting Hawick. As for Hawick replied to whether he would return to HK for his career, and said HK can't have two Raymonds? Raymond likes Hawick's humor. Asked whether because he is popular, even his appearance is the standard in the plastic surgery field? He said: "Don't play me, there is no relation between the two."

Talked about ratings of his series "Growing Through Life" isn't doing well? Raymond believes ratings is affected by the time slot. Ratings can't be controlled by actors and he takes it easy. He also said once he was on a taxi and the taxi driver praised "GTL" is good.

(Left: Hawick Lau / Right: Raymond Lam)

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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