Friday, August 6, 2010

New Miss HK Winners Deny They're Porkchops

CNNgo published an article recently, calling this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant a "porkchop pageant" (link here). Yesterday the three new Miss Hong Kong winners attended to a charity dinner party and they denied they're "porkchops." Winner Toby Chan replied: "They are not purposely exaggerating this thing right? Should be saying this year's winners are out already. I won't be upset because of it. They only posted our winning pictures? That's not fair to us. Maybe it's an angle problem. Anyways there are some pictures that look better."

Second runner-up, the one who is said to be the ugliest, Lisa Ch'ng replied: "Doesn't matter. Hope after this report is out, more people would want to see us in real person. When they see us in real people, they won't think we are porkchops." Asked whether they think they are porkchops, Lisa said: "No. I won't introduce myself as pork chop." Toby said: "I won't give myself this title." As for first runner-up Sammi Cheung, she said: "I wouldn't want others to call us by this name, just want to use our real names." Talked about responses from residents when they are on the streets, Lisa said: "Some said it's all good if I fix my hair, okay in real life! They also said they want to redress my hairsyle!" Toby said: "They would praise us pretty when they meet us in real life."

As for whether they would stop eating porkchop? The three said no and Lisa said: "This title appears in many years previously!" 2005 Miss HK winner Tracey Yip supported them: "Hope everyone look at them with an admiring heart. I'm not surprised to hear this incident. They are very pretty girls."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @


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