Friday, August 6, 2010

Wilber Pan Gets Pranked On His 30th Birthday

Wilber Pan is busy filming CTS's new idol drama "Endless Love." In order to give him a memorable 30th birthday (August 6) surprise, the crew decided to play a prank on him. They purposely arranged him to stand in front of Taipei Arena and performed a crying scene for 40 minutes. In the end when he knew all the scenes just filmed were fake, he roared several times, even Sandrine Pinna said with sympathy: "Poor you!"

Wilber won't really celebrate his birthday since 14 years old. Almost every year he has to spend his birthday at work. He turned 30 today and the crew wants him to have a memorable birthday experience. They teamed up with director and assistant director to play a prank on the birthday boy. Wearing a suit, Wilber had to film a crying scene on a crowded street. He was very into the character that he cried emotionally, even his shoulders were shaking. But when the director said: "Dear! Look in front of you! Happy birthday!" Then Wilber finally realized he got pranked. Female lead of "Endless Love" Sandrine Pinna gave him a big hug immediately. The crew even arranged a hot bikini girl to dance closely with him. However, Wilber was very shy that he didn't dared to take off his jacket and only laughed.

In fact, Wilber thought of he might be pranked, but in order to perform well for this crying scene, he didn't think too much. First time standing in front of the Taipei Arena to film crying scene, scenes of his concert at Taipei Arena last year popped up. During interviews, Wilber sobbed several times and he said: "I hope there would be more happy things. After 30, as for those hateful things, hope can still continue to do it." At this stage, he thinks rumors and dating are not the most important: "Hope to spend more time at work, and this is the most important thing."

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