Friday, August 6, 2010

Xiao S Pretends She's Cold, Earns a Hug From Godfrey Gao

"Kangxi Laile" invited fashion F4's Godfrey Gao and Gabe Lan as guests to the show on the 4th. The handsome Godfrey has been to the show at least 6 times and every time Xiao S would definitely come on to him: throw herself on him, kiss on the face, asks him to put on high heels for her...etc. This time the two performed a car crash situation drama. Xiao S held back herself a lot already, but still touched his chest, legs, waist, and shoulder. In the end, she said she is cold and Godfrey generously gave her a big hug.

Xiao S exposed several years ago she bumped to a motorcycle rider. She got off the car and apologized immediately: "Originally he was about to yell at me, but when he found out who I am, he immediately turned into an excited person with a happy look. I told him 'Yes, I'm Xiao S, I'm sorry, gotta go.' I ran away when he didn't have time to react."

Kevin Cai Kang Yong asked Godfrey and Xiao S to re-act the car crash scene, saying Xiao S can hug Godfrey. Xiao S acted like she is reserved: "Is this reasonable?" Seeing she can't miss this good chance, once the "car is crashed," she went to Godfrey immediately: "How are you? Are you hurt? Are you okay?" Touching all over his body. Godfrey didn't react quick enough and Xiao S said: "Wow~ So cold so cold~" Godfrey immediately hugged Xiao S from the back.

Xiao S said, if she is in Godfrey's bedroom, she would open his drawers to see if there is any secret. Godfrey said there are tight and loose boxer shorts. Cai Kang Yong said: "Xiao S would definitely pay attention to the tight boxer immediately, then she would rub her face with it." Xiao S yelled at him: "You're cheap! But I would still do it."

Source: China Times; Xinhua (pictures) / Translation: KAY @


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