Thursday, August 5, 2010

TVB & CASH Royalty Issues, JSG Awards May Stop At Any Time

TVB and HKRIA (Universal, Warner, Sony, EMI) have been in a royalty dispute since last December. HKRIA increased the royalty fee from the initial 5 million to 15 million, TVB felt that this was not reasonable and refused to pay the large fee.

The chairman of the 4 record companies (Cheng Man Chiu) admitted that there has not been any progress, the issue has already entered the legal stage, let the lawyers from both sides handle the issue. When asked if they will make a concession? He said: "Ah, making a concession does not mean we have come to an agreement. Right now TVB still has many series and shows using the Big 4 record companies music. (TVB is breaking the law and doesn't know?) I don't dare to say that, just feel that it's strange, don't know how to calculate it. We have to see what the court says, see if its reasonable."

Joey Yung, Leo Ku affected too

The royalty issue has been quite troublesome for TVB. Although TVB produced their own music program and having to push their own artists to become singers, unfortunately the success is only average. As for the Big 4 singers, because they get less exposure they're popularity is going down. Both sides are suffering. It was understood that TVB recently encountered another dilemma. More than a year ago, TVB has already started discussing royalties with CASH, but up until today they're still deadlocked. Although CASH only require the royalties be 10-20%, this still amounts to millions of dollars. TVB chairman "6th aunt" Mona Fong felt that the price is not reasonable, and requested that CASH reduce the fees, causing the two companies to not come to a contract agreement. An insider said that the situation is not going well, this greatly involves TVB because most of Hong Kong's music composers and lyricists are CASH employees. Once the relationship between the two companies are broken, TVB's flagship music program or even the may get cut at any time. If that happens, besides the Big 4 singers being cut off including Eason Chan, "god-son" Hacken Lee and Kay Tse, even Joey Yung, Leo Ku, "biological son" Raymond Lam will suffer. Once the 4 station music awards gets affected by the royalty issue, it will be officially canceled.

TVB General Manager (Lee Bo On) said: "The royalty issues have already been sent to the Copyright Royalty Tribunal. We don't guarantee we will use other ways to solve this. (The will continue to happen at the end of the year?) Will still happen, there was never anything between us. (What about "JSG Selections"?) No plans of not doing it!"

CASH representative (Elton) reveals: "This issue involves the whole world, composers, lyricists and the benefits to 170 million people. (Need to have results this year?) Yes, TVB should respect the composers and lyricists. As for our relationship, we have collaborated well in the last 10+ years. (Rumored that the discussions aren't going well!) If the discussions are successful, it is not convenient for me to say it! We will still continue, nothing to hold us back." Since this issue involves composers and lyricists to every son, if TVB don't agree to the royalties with CASH, does that mean TVB can't use the majority of the songs? Elton frankly said: "You can say that. To TVB it is a really big impact, but cannot just look at it that way because this also involves many other musicians." Does TVB have to pay very high royalty fees? Elton said: "Can't say that it's very high, it is reasonable because every song they use is a public broadcast." Ask if the in December, will that be affected? Elton said because this year they are working on another project, so the competition will happen.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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