Friday, August 20, 2010

Wilber Pan Posts His 'Before After Plastic Surgery' Photo on Facebook

Wilber Pan is busy filming FTV's idol drama "Endless Love." When he is free, he would browse the web and recently he found his old photo is listed in a clip "Taiwanese star's plastic surgery before & after." Wilber even posted this picture on his Facebook for fun.

In the photo, Wilber obviously looked a lot fatter compared to now. He wore a heavy glasses and had a M-shaped hair style. In fact, he once shared this old photo with viewers on "Kangxi Lai Le" and people suspected he had plastic surgery. Wilber wrote on Facebook: "Saw this on youtube saying i did plastic surgery hahahah!"

Coincidentally, he plays a poor guy who has no confidence and doesn't dare to love in "Endless Love." Seeing their idol posted his old photo, Wilber fans replied online, some wrote: "Haha~ This photo is too exaggerating!" "Big difference, is that really Wilber?" Some also wrote: "Wilber is still very handsome."

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


He looks like a completely different person before! o_o

I disagree. I can tell it's the same person on both pics. But he is older and all made up in other one...

you can still tell by the lips & eye XD

His face is at least 70% different. ZZZ His face before is much bugger and less sharper and his eye bags and nose are totally different. OMG. ZZZ. Feel abit disappointed..

lol he just lost lots of weight XD

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