Sunday, September 26, 2010

Andy Lau Gets Emotional At Birthday Party, Fans Won't Leave Him

Tomorrow is the heavenly king Andy Lau's 49th birthday. Suffered from the secret marriage incident last year, yesterday he held a birthday party to celebrate with fans, and his parents appeared as special guests. But wife Carol Chu didn't show up.

Andy danced and sang at the party, making it seem like a mini concert. He got emotional towards the end and had to wipe tears constantly. Then staff brought out a huge cake with many photos of him over these years, and invited his parents to the stage to cut the cake and open changpane.

Asked whether hiding his marriage made him emotional, Andy felt fans treat him very well and it's hard to not feel moved; he doesn't know how to say it but really have to thank fans' support. Asked whether number of his fans decreased because of the incident? He felt it's about the same, but maybe not as many as before because there were used be many fans from other areas coming to the birthday party. However, since he would hold a concert in December, they probably want to save money and come to Hong Kong by then.

Andy disclosed besides birthday party, he also had a tea party with fans today and he would celebrate with family tomorrow. Asked what gift did wife gave him? He smiled and said he really won't answer this question. It's said his concert tickets sold out, he said he is trying to buy tickets for his fan club, but because company reserved many tickets for sale, he couldn't buy much on his own.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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