Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vanness Wu Admits Split With Girlfriend Arissa

32-year-old Vanness Wu was caught going on a date with 28-year-old Singaporean girlfriend Arissa in April. In fact they dated back in 2006 but broke up a year later. Then after 4 years, they reunited again this April, and Vanness even expressed they consider marriage when decided to begin dating. But recently readers exposed the couple split again and canceled following each other on Twitter. It's rumored the reason of the split is Arissa finds a new man. Yesterday Vanness admitted through his manager Katie, "The split is true. But will still keep in touch, still friends."

In addition, readers also pointed out on September 4, Vanness wrote on Twitter, "No I'm not saaayin~ I'm soooorrry~ One DAY! Maybe we'll meet again~~~ Closer to the edge~" It seems he was writing about his feelings about the split. Then a day again he wrote, "where it lies, is where you left it, where you left it, is where it died... revive, revive... revive the heart."

Vanness is a Christian and once vow to refuse sex before marriage. However, Arissa likes to party and always dress in sexy outfits. Whether the two part their ways because of sex, Vanness' manager expressed, "He think Arissa isn't within the showbiz, he hopes to respect her privacy, it's not suitable to say much now."

Source: Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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