Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ethan Ruan Doesn't Guarantee Marrying Tiffany Hsu

Ethan Ruan attended to a jeans exhibit yesterday as their spokesperson. It's said his contract with SOMETHING jeans hasn't expired and he became Lee's spokesperson. In the end, SOMETHING jeans went asking Ethan for their loss. As for this, Ethan believes it's a misunderstanding and stressed: "I work pleasantly with these two companies. The products are different. SOMETHING jeans is female jeans. Lee is male jeans. My company is handling this matter for me. I never heard of paying for a loss."

Earlier he was caught traveling to Japan with girlfriend Tiffany Hsu. Ethan smiled embarrassingly and said he was promoting for his drama, girlfriend was shopping with her stylist. He said he would definitely get married one day. Asked whether Tiffany would be the bride, he said: "Of course it would be good if everything goes smoothly. But I don't dare to guarantee things in the future."

A the event, Ethan disclosed he would film a new movie at the end of the year, hoping fans can wait patiently. However, he denied filming Raymond Wong's new movie. He didn't disclose what movie he is filming soon and only said it would to about 3-4 months to film. After that, he would film another romantic comedy in the middle of next year.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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