Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Karena Lam Leaves Showbiz Because of Pregnancy and Inappropriate Relationship?

Are pregnancy and inappropriate relationship the real reasons why Karena Lam has not been showing up lately? An anonymous email exposed a pregnant woman who looks like Karena was doing pregnancy check ups in a Canadian hospital. At the same time, it was reported Karena actually fell in love with a married director and was a third wheel. All these rumors made Karena's absence a total mystery. This time, her company didn't explain for her, instead they said they won't reply to her personal matters.

The anonymous e-mail on the internet exposed Karena's current life in Canada. This person said a friend of his/her saw a young Chinese pregnant woman whose name is Karena Lam doing pregnancy check up in a hospital in Toronto, Canada. Because his/her friend is Karena's fan, so he/she identified his/her idol immediately.

Karena's love life has been rough. When she signed her management company in 2001, it was said she was dating her boss Wong Hoi Fung. In 2004, she generously admitted dating music producer Chan Kwong Wing, who just separated with his wife. However, their relationship only last a year. Now a magazine reported she was in love with another married man---commercial and MV director Yuen Kim Wai. The two have been dating for 2 years. Because Yuen's wife lives in Beijing, Karena even moved to the same building the Yuens live. Earlier this year, this secret relationship was exposed and because Karena didn't want to harm the family anymore, she backed out and left HK after attending to some events in March.

Source: Mingpao + Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


I wouldn't be surprised if this is all true. I too know Karena before she went to Taiwan to become a singer. Through the years, she has constantly lied about her family life to the media. It's just one lie after another.

I forgot to add..... I believe Karena is simply following in her Mom's footsteps. Let's just say that her mom has been around the block more than a few times. Karena's mom has been married numerous times and every time it was for $$.

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