Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Xiao S Admits That Da S Has Better Fashion Sense

The sister-pair Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Dee Hsu (Xiao S) are on the cover of Vogue’s September issue. The ever stylish Barbie expressed that she is the most fashionable female star in the Chinese entertainment industry. Although Dee agrees that Barbie has better fashion sense than she does, she reasoned, “People with a big chest are kept farther away from fashion. Fashion is for those with a flat chest.” Barbie immediately responded, “She’s talking about me.”

Dee pointed out that Barbie is always staying on top of fashion. She revealed that a few years ago when they went shopping in Japan, Barbie wanted to look for Balmain. However, Dee mistaken the brand name as ‘cousin’ (‘Biao Mei’), and embarrassingly asked Barbie, “Where’s our cousin?” Dee explained, “At the time, everyone hadn’t gotten familiar with the brand yet, but she already knew about it!”

When asked which aspect they like about each other? Barbie complimented her sister as "someone whom everybody likes." Regardless if it’s a senior, a friend, or a neighbor, Dee is always able to get along with everybody. Dee on the other hand, complimented Barbie for having "the power to persuade." Whether it’s regarding work or shopping, Barbie is always able to help Dee in decision making, “Her words have a kind of firmness that can help me settle (with a final decision).”

Barbie and Dee are the spokespersons for 2010 Vogue’s Fashion's Night Out. They will be appearing at three SOGO (department store) locations on September 11 to promote the event.

Source: Apple Daily (TW) + NowNews / Translation: fufu @ CpopAccess


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