Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wu Zun Freaks Out On the Set of New Drama

Always have a good temper, Wu Zun actually vented out his anger at the set of "Sunshine Angel" (陽光天使). He explained yesterday: "Been too busy lately. My dad came to visit me and stayed Taiwan for 4 days. But we only talked 30 minutes in total. It's kinda exaggerating to say I freaked out, but I'm really not in a good mood."

Fahrenheit's new album "Super Hot" is releasing on September 17. Group members have been busy shooting photos, filming MV, and attending to promotion events. At the same time, Wu Zun is also filming "Sunshine Angel" and not getting enough sleep. He said: "I haven't been this tired since I made my debut. There are several days that after I finished filming drama, I have to film MV, after MV, I have to return to the cast. It seems I didn't get 10 hours of sleep these 4 days. I really want a clone."

Wu Zun said he doesn't even have time to return to Brunei like he used to after debuting in the movie industry this year. Since "Sunshine Angel" returned to Taiwan for filming, he wants his dad to come to Taiwan to visit. But Wu Zun can't believe the 4 days his dad was in Taiwan, he himself spent 3 days filming in Yilan. At the last day, he asked his dad to come visit him at the filming place. But when the two finally met and talked, staff kept hurrying him to get back to filming, making him feel very annoyed.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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