Monday, October 25, 2010

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sundays 10/24/2010)

Endless Love jumps up to 3rd, but only win 4 Gifts with a little 0.02 ratings...sigh, Taiwanese idol drama industry really is getting worse? No big breakthroughs through these months. Zhong Wu Yen still in its it ever going to end soon? (I haven't been watching for the past 2 months...Not to mention 4 Gifts, didn't even finish Episode 1...)

  1. Zhong Wu Yen 鐘無艷 (TTV) - 2.35
  2. Personal Taste 個人取向 (FTV) - 1.25
  3.  Endless Love 愛∞無限(CTS) - 0.88
  4. 4 Gifts 女王不下班 (CTV) - 0.86 


    Four gifts is actually not bad. Should give it a try. Its actually getting quite good.

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