Monday, October 25, 2010

Xiao S & Kevin Tsai As Na'vi For Golden Horse Awards

Xiao S and Kevin Tsai Kangyong are hosting the 47th Golden Horse Awards. In order present the most creative and funniest opening for the awards ceremony, the "Kangxi Laile" hosts decided to transform as Na'vi from Hollywood film "Avatar."

The two didn't have a good time during the 4-hour transformation. Layers and layers of heavy plaster were being put on their faces [see right] and their nostril holes were the only spot that remained clear. To Xiao S, who always breathes through her mouth, it was quite a torture. "It's as if I'm buried," she said.

Seeing the final result after the transformation, Xiao S and Kevin praised each other of their new look. Xiao S praised Kevin as the most knowledgeable feeling Na'vi, and Kevin praised back "it's still hard to hide your good figure even as a Na'vi" to Xiao S.

This year's Golden Horse Awards ceremony to be held in November 20 and live broadcasting is by TTV.

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Well both are looking good in this new Avatar. They took inspiration from the movie and i think they will rock the award stage.

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