Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wilber Pan Creates iPhone App, Among the Most Download in Mainland, HK, and Taiwan

Not only a singer and actor, Wilber Pan is now an application creator! He designed his first iPhone application called mewantsbamboo and this free game application is officially available on October 9. After he promoted on Weibo, many people including Jolin Tsai, Xiao S, and Cyndi Wang downloaded the app to support. They all commented the game is fun and praised Wilber's creativity.

Just three days after its official release, the app is already among the most downloaded iTunes free app in many areas: 1st place in Mainland, 2nd place in Singapore, 3rd place in HK, 4th place in Taiwan, and 5th place in Malaysia. The app also did well in other areas like El Salvador, New Zealand, Thailand, and North America.

Seeing the app he created did well and is getting popular, Wilber is very happy course. However, he will temporarily stop creating more apps, since he is releasing new album soon. "I need to write songs now! I'm a singer!...I need to release an album at the end of the year!...off to write songs!," the singer writes on Weibo.

Source: Wilber's Weibo / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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