Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Xiao S is Hot in Sexy Lingerie Show

Besides won't miss a chance to lay a hand on handsome stars, Xiao S also won't miss a chance to show off her sexy side. The "Kangxi Laile" host went to Wuhan recently to attend to a lingerie show. When she appeared in a lingerie she endorses, she didn't feel uncomfortable but asked reporters what type of photos they want from her. "Need the stand-still me or me in motion?," she asked.

During the show, she was accompanied with two topless men and she hot danced with them. She showed flirty eye expressions often and posed different sexy poses. Wearing a hot red corset and lace see-through skirt, she didn't mind showing off her hot body.

She accepted an interview after the performance, expressing she told husband about shooting the sexy lingerie commercial. He didn't prevent her to show skin to everyone. "Baby, you can be sexy, but just don't be disgusting," he told Xiao S.

She also expressed the Xiao S everyone is known for is different than the Xiao S at home. "When I'm home, I'm a gentle little woman who listens to my husband and treats in-laws well," she said. 

As for having a third child, especially a son, the sexy mom predicted it should be soon. "I'm not done yet. But actually my family didn't pressure me on having a soon. My in-laws are very open-minded. It's just it feels a little empty with only two kids. Hope to add another member to the family soon," she said.

Source: 163 / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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