Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ella Koon's Photos With BF Almost Leak Out

Ella Koon went to a radio station for interviews yesterday and exposed she lost her cellphone: "I found out I lost my cellphone when I got off the car. I'm very worried! Because there are many phone numbers of artistes in the phone. (Where did you lose it?) I think it was in the parking lot. Because when I went to get my car, I looked at my phone for time. Then it was gone when I arrived here. I immediately told my assistant to call my number and told staff to go find it for me in the lot."

The singer was very worried during the interview. She admitted there are personal photos with her boyfriend in the phone, but no explicit messages: "Only sentences like I miss you. I rarely lose my phone and wallet. I'm so worried right now."

Good friend Pakho Chau exposed Ella always put her phone around in different places. He has "saved" her so many times.

Fortunately she found her phone in the end: "Very lucky! The staff really found my phone in the parking lot! It's lucky that I didn't drive on it!"

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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